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            TEL :4008-266-224

            Mobil:13510684211(Mr Luo)


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            Welcome to our new website

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            Shenzhen Labtop found as a high-tech innovation company mainly focus on temperature control equipments. 
            Our company is a research & development, production, sales set in one enterprise, to provide high-precision temperature control system integration solutions. 
            To faithfully implement a pragmatic, focused, quality, innovation as a business philosophy, operating in good faith, the pursuit of excellence as a corporate purpose.
            Strict adherence to customer-centric, customer-service principles, adhering to the enterprise spirit of innovation cooperation, advocating unity, cooperation, dedication, good reputation, innovation and development of corporate culture, formed a team with experienced, ambition,courage and hard work of high quality, highly educated, they inject a stream of ideas and momentum to the development of enterprise.
            Our products include laboratory chillers, heating circulators, heating & cooling circulators, and many other models.
            Products with wide range operating temperature, high precision temperature control, safety and reliability, stable operation, advanced technology and so on.
            Supporting the usage of Rotary evaporator, reactor, viscometer, fermentation tanks and other lab equipment, and can also be work with electron microscopy, microwave treatment and other medical equipment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, biochemistry, physical tests, chemical analysis, colleges, factory labs, and quality supervision departments.
            We provide highly customized services and solutions at the same time.
            The most professional technology, highest quality products and the most perfect service to meet customer needs and solve the customer's problem, is the goal of every one of our employees.


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