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            TEL :4008-266-224

            Mobil:13510684211(Mr Luo)


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            Immersion Cooler Thermostats

            iMCooler immersion coolers are primarily employed for countercooling open bath circulators to ambient temperature or below as well as for rapidly cooling liquids,or as a substitute for dry ice,Min.temperature reaches -20℃ and -40℃
            Small footprints combined with compact housing and carrying handles allow the Immersion coolers to be easily positioned for use and, for easy relocation, trolleys are available as accessory. small dimensions, high efficiency can be achieved with all cooling exchange focus on cooling coil head

            Product inquiry
            Model Working
            temperature range
            Temperature stability
            Immersion coil
            tube length
            (W x D x H) 
            iMCooler-204  -20...RT ±0.5 φ40×90 1200  232x420x410
            iMCooler-402  -40...RT ±0.5 φ50×120 1200  232x420x410
            iMCooler-805  -80...RT  ±1.0 φ12.5×650 1600 355x455x865