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            Contact us

            TEL :4008-266-224

            Mobil:13510684211(Mr Luo)


            Your Current Location :HomeSERVICE  


            For the establishment of product and service quality control system, to ensure customer effective use of products, to provide customers with quality products and service, to provide good after-sales service, and quality tracking.
            Our commitments to the customers as below:

            1. Enterprise quality control system requirements:
            Quality policy: market-oriented, continuous improvement of management, quality of products and services to meet the needs of different customer is the consistent and unremitting pursuit of our company .
            Quality target: the qualified rate of products 100%, inspection pass rate ≥ 98%; customer satisfaction rate 98%; to ensure 100% contrack compliance.

            2. Product manufacturing standards and quality assurance:

            Our products manufactured strictly according to national standards, and customers's special requirements.

            a. Pre-sale:
            Quick and profession respond to the customer calls, emails, visits. 
            Provide on-site service if customer request.

            b. On Saling:
            During the production stage, we can invite the technical staff of customers to visit our company for the product details, including product data and structure and function.
            The main inspection work for the product is completed in the factory. 
            Strictly according to the contract, quantity requirements, and on time delivery.
            We can provide the test record for confirmation by customers.

            c. After-sales: 
            For better product after sales service, repair and maintenance, we promise to customers:
            ① The performance of provided products are in line with national standards and other relevant high-class standards.
            ② Any problem after product receive, we promise to response within 8 hours.
            ③ The company service principle: "limited customer, unlimited service! "Letter and phone every customer, to consult the comments, suggestions and quality about our prodcut.
            Any complaints receive, will be answered within 24 hours, to ensure customer satisfaction.
            ④ Under the correct installation, usage conditions, any kind of quality problem occurs(if indeed because of the product quality), we will be responsible for processing.
            ⑤ Product out of guarantee, we provide service still. Quickly respond for technical queries. Any product & accessery replacements, we will organize production ASAP, with the best price.
            ⑥ If you have any needs, please contact us.