Crises Information Platform

Crises relevant information and dissemination.

Crises information platform

Project Overview

We believe that everybody needs easy access to crises relevant information at the right time.

This project was original started to improve on-site crises management. Later on it was transformed to this current version. Crises, more specifically natural disasters, are collected from and disseminate to different destinations. One of this destinations are mobile devices with the Sigimera Crises client. Currently the Android and Windows Phone platforms are officially support, but we provide a REST API for third party developers to extend this selection.

This was the first project of the Sigimera team and has proofed that our team is able to design, develop and maintain a full platform with mobile components and that with minimal resources.

project details

client End-Users
skills Crises Handling
Real-Time Mobile Notifications
Web Design and Development
Mobile Development
Date 2010 - now

mobile clients

The Android App was and is developed in-house and the Windows Phone App by a Software Engineer from the Microsoft Student Partner program, Asma Bhatti. Asma Bhatti is a Software Engineering student and Microsoft Student Partner at International Islamic University, Pakistan. She takes care of the Windows Phone and Windows store clients for Sigimera.

Android App

Mobile , Android , Push Notifications

Windows Phone App

Mobile , Windows Phone

windows app

The same developer that has developed the Windows Mobile App has also developed the Windows 8 App. Find more screenshots and information in the Windows Store.

Windows 8 App

Mobile , Windows 8

Windows 8 App

Mobile , Windows 8