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Crises information platform

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We are developing software since 2008. You can checkout and test our latest projects in the Portfolio section. We have strong connection to academia for cutting edge technologies, but we are also developing in-house industrial grade services and software.

What are we doing?

Bitcoin Money Tracking & Campaign Management

We know that managing money flows, e.g. donations or crowd-funding, and in parallel managing the related campaigns is an endeavor. That is the reason why we have developed a service that simplifies both tasks and combines them in an optimal way.

Crises Information Management

Do you want to know where the last natural disaster occurred? Or are you currently affected by one and you want to know more about it or share critical information? Then you should checkout our Crises Information Platform...

Networld R&D

Current product development is not good enough for us. This is the reason why we have a separate Research and Developing project. The purpose of this project is to provide facilities for incubator projects and proof-of-concept work. Additional it provides the needed infrastructure for our commercial products.

Our Skills

Internet & Web Services
Software Engineering & Project Management
Bitcoin Application Development
Crises Information Handling
Semantic Technologies

Our Team

Our small, but highly agile and motivated, team makes all the services and software possible and brings them directly to you.

Alex canvas

Alex Oberhauser

Founding CEO
Alex Oberhauser is Co-Founder of Sigimera, passionate computer scientist and entrepreneur. He his involved in the software development and the strategic and operational business of Sigimera Ltd.
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Corneliu Stanciu

Founding CTO
Corneliu Stanciu is Co-Founder of Sigimera. His responsibility is the software engineering, especially the development of user-friendly frontends for customers and users alike.